As of webcpp 0.7.0 and up, g++3 (gcc3) is required to build webcpp
    use: `/usr/sbin/gcc_select 3` if gcc 2.9x and 3.x reside on the same
    system to select the default version of the compiler.

 ver 0.8.4 (04/01/2004)

  - Added more syntax colour schemes and background tiles.
  - Enabled preprocessor highlighting for UnrealScript.
  - Reduced the file size on all the backgrounds.
  - Updated the keyword list for UnrealScript.
  - Updated the Webcpp documentation.
  - Webcpp now copies background image files from source dir to output dir.
  - Webcpp32, Webcpp WinGUI, and WinMkSCS2 for Windows are now discontinued.
  - Windows version now includes WebcppUI, an integrated GUI solution.

 ver 0.8.3 (08/09/2003) 

  - Code cleanup.
  - Placed macros in new header files: defdebug.h, and defparse.h.

 ver 0.8.2 (10/05/2003) 

  - Added symbol highlighting for JavaScript.
  - Added MMX and SSE registers for Assembly language keytypes.
  - Added the ability to parse MSVC/Borland style inline Assembly for C++.
  - Added the ability to parse JavaScript within HTML files.
  - Brightened the default background colour (just slightly).
  - Colour schemes are now searched for in the default path if none is given.
  - External stylesheets are now generated in the same directory as the output.
  - Highlighting of other inline languages is now also possible.
  - Languages now know themselves (a new variable in Engine: int langext).
  - SuperInclude now finds files when a directory for the first file is given.
  - SuperInclude will recursively overwrite files without prompting.
  - The Engine class now points to a CFfile object, rather than encapsulates it.
  - Two or more language classes can now point to the same CFfile IO object.
  - Updated the Webcpp documentation.

 ver 0.8.1 (06/05/2003) 

  - Added DOCTYPE tags to the beginning of the output files.
  - Added a "-s, --snippet-only" option to omit "html" and "body" tags.
  - Added a namespace webcpp to the stylesheet to aviod stylesheet clashes.
  - All of the highlighted code are output within "div" tags.
  - Changed the alignment of the "made with webcpp" option.

 ver 0.8.0 (06/02/2003) 

  - Added language support for UnrealScript.
  - Added backrgound patterns for use with the Scs2 format.
  - Added documentation for WinMkScs2 (Windows).
  - Added documentation for Webcpp WinGUI (Windows).
  - Added new schemes: bright3, mint, decent, and jungle.
  - Fixed lowercase rem comment from highlighting in non-REM highlighting context.
  - Fixed fortran comment from highlighting in non-fortran highlighting context.
  - Removed all the old .scs files, and installation now only copies .Scs2 schemes.
  - Removed Cfour Persist class from the source code, Theme derives from CFfile.
  - Updated schemes nightvision and blue to utilize new elements of the Scs2 format.
  - Updated the webcpp documentation, and documented the Scs2 format.
  - Updated Webcpp WinGUI (v1.4.5) to be able to filter Scs2 files (Windows).
  - Updated WinMkSCS to WinMkScs2 (v2.0), which handles the Scs2 format (Windows).

 ver 0.8.0 preview 2 (26/01/2003) 

  - Added separate colour for single quoted strings (breaks the format from pre1).
  - Background images may now be specified in the Scs2 file format.
  - Highlighting elements in the Scs2 xml file format can now be in random order.
  - Redone the port of the 55 SCS files (pre1 ported files will no longer work).
  - Slightly darkened the default background colour.
  - Used separate counters for keys and types in lang*.cpp files (to compile in msvc).
  - Updated scs2scs2.pl to separate strings into single and double quoted strings.

 ver 0.8.0 preview 1 (07/01/2003) 

  - Added highlighting of character symbols for some languages.
  - Fixed first tab if tabs to spaces option is off, and line numbers is on.
  - Line numbers option is able to fit up to 999,999 before going over the margin.
  - Redesigned the Syntax Colour Scheme format and engine (now called Scs2).
  - Scs2 files are now defined in XML format.
  - Scs2 engine is also made to be compatible with old SCS files.
  - Separated number highlighting colours to integers and floating points.
  - Separated keyword highlighting colours to keys and types/commands.
  - The default colour scheme has changed to reflect the new Scs2 engine.
  - The 55 old Syntax Colour Schemes have been ported to Scs2.
  - Tool for converting scs formats (scs2scs2.pl) has been added.
  - Updated keywords/types for Asm,C,C#,C++,Cg,Fortran,Java,Modula,Pascal,Perl & shell.

 ver 0.7.12 (15/01/2003)

  - Fixed first tab if tabs to spaces option is off, and line numbers is on.
  - Line numbers option is able to fit up to 999,999 before going over the margin.

 ver 0.7.11 (04/01/2003) 

  - Added the ability to specify the tab size (requested by Don Tompkins).
  - Converts & characters to & to prevent undesired escapes.
  - Fixed a flaw in the tabs to spaces alignment by factoring in escapes.
  - Some code has been cleaned up.

 ver 0.7.10 (19/12/2002) 

  - Added number highlighting to Markup languages.
  - Added tag highlighting to Markup languages.
  - Added 20 more ASP keywords (Submitted by Matt Runion).
  - Allowed C-Style comment highlighting for SQL.
  - Fixed SQL freeze on C-Style comments (Thanks Quentin J Sarafinchan).
  - Fixed freeze in multiline tags in Markup languages.
  - Fixed comment highlighting in Markup languages.
  - Fixed tabs to spaces algorithm to align properly.
  - Fixed //* and /* inside of // comment (Thanks Chris Mcbride & Guillaume Mendonca).
  - Fixed /* comment inside of # comment in PHP.
  - Fixed commented-out double-quoted strings in ASP (Coded by Matt Runion).
  - Fixed invalid IO mode error in windows when specifying drive letter.
  - Improved the accuracy of Engine::isInsideIt() inline boundary detector.
  - Updated Windows version with WinGUI 1.4.4, boosting performance up to 3x.

 ver 0.7.9 (01/11/2002) 

  - Added support for the Euphoria language (Thank you George Lewis).
  - Added string and number highlighting for DOS Batch files.
  - Added support for :: comment highlighting in DOS Batch files.
  - Added significantly more keywords to the Assembly language keyword list.
  - Fixed REM comment highlighting to accept lowercase rem in DOS Batch files.
  - Fixed warnings from the #defines in deflangs.h.
  - Fixed escaped backslash + escaped quote in string ("\\\"") (Thank you Glen Okita).
  - Fixed EMF file detector message: a type of microemacs, not enhanced metafile.

 ver 0.7.8 (07/10/2002) 

  - Added support for ASP, new ASP/VB style comments (coded by Matt Runion).
  - Added support for RenderMan shading language (Thank you Mark Williams).
  - Added support for Ruby (finally).
  - WinMkSCS from the windows version can now export themes to CSS.

 ver 0.7.7 (26/09/2002) 

  - Added support for EMF (Thank you Dr. Detlef Groth).
  - Added support for Javascript (Thank you Forrest Johnston).
  - Fixed batch operations on files with spaces in their pathnames.

 ver 0.7.6 (04/09/2002) 

  - Added support for PowerBuilder 6 source (Thank you Philippe Torche).
  - Fixed "Invalid I/O Mode" error when forcing filetypes (0.7.5 bug).

 ver 0.7.5 (03/09/2002) 

  - Added file flags to force overwrite or abort on existing output files.
  - Added a superinclude option, like hyperinclude, that recursively converts files.
  - Added 22 new syntax colour scheme files, totaling 53 schemes.
  - Windows version now packs with the new WinMkSCS v1.0 to visually edit themes.
  - Windows version's Webcpp WinGUI is at v1.4.0, which has many improvements.

 ver 0.7.4 (25/08/2002) 

  - Absolute pathname using wildcard on directories in Windows (left out in 0.7.3).
  - Added language support for IEEE 1076 (VHDL) (Thank you Thomas Hedler).
  - Added language support for DOS Batch files (Thank you Daniel Lin).

 ver 0.7.3 (27/07/2002) 

  - Added NASA's CLIPS highlighting support (Thanks Walter Maner).
  - Added NVidia's Cg highlighting support.
  - Added Haskell highlighting support.
  - Added Tcl highlighting support.
  - Added extended help.
  - Brought back an improved shell dialog interface script for webcpp.
  - Fixed highlighting inside last line of multiline comments.
  - The dialog interface is now run by `sh webc++`, not `wwwcpp.sh`.
  - Improved number highlighting accuracy.

 ver 0.7.2 (15/07/2002) 

  - Added the original themes to the source distribution again.
  - Fixed hang with numbers inside of multi-line comments.
  - Fixed absolute pathname in using wildcard on directories in Windows.
  - Fixed tab after preprocessor highlighting.
  - C now also uses C++ style comment highlighting.
  - Tested on more C source code (some from xine-lib and linux 2.4.18).

 ver 0.7.1 (09/07/2002) 

  - Added highlighting support for SQL.
  - Added more HTML 4.0 tags and keywords.
  - Fixed background image -i=<imagefile> option.
  - Fixed tabs to spaces option.
  - Fixed relative pathname in using wildcard on directories in Windows.

 ver 0.7.0 (27/06/2002) 

  - Added a timer for benchmarking webcpp's time efficiency.
  - Added a new option that anchors line numbers (cxref compatible).
  - Added support for the wildcard (*) in filenames (needs to be in quotes).
  - Added support for single-quote string highlighting.
  - Added support for backquote string highlighting.
  - Added highlighting support for Ada95.
  - Added highlighting support for BASIC.
  - Added highlighting support for Fortran.
  - Added highlighting support for Modula2.
  - Added highlighting support for Objective-C.
  - Added highlighting support for Pascal.
  - Classic 'C' comment parsing was re-witten.
  - Code has been cleaned up, naming conventions also improved.
  - Greatly improved support for the C-Sharp language.
  - HTML comment highlighting now works.
  - HTML highlighting will only take place inside tags.
  - Improved filetype forcing.
  - Keywords are case-insensitive for languages that require.
  - More feedback on webcpp's progress.
  - Redesigned the internal class architecture.
  - Removed pathnames from generated HTML header titles.
  - String parsing was improved for more accurracy and flexibility.
  - Support for other languages is now even easier to add.
  - Static, hard-coded colour tags generation has been dropped.
  - Support for embedded CSS (StyleSheets) has been added.
  - StyleSheets are now generated by webcpp from the SCS theme.
  - StyleSheets are now placed in the directory of the output file.
  - Switch parser now gives feedback.
  - The ".scs" is no longer required with the scheme switches.
  - The NameMe, TagMe, & LinkMe labels are ignored in strings.
  - The I/O engine was re-integrated using Cfour CFfile v1.2.3.
  - Using "--auto" will automatically name the output file.
  - Webcpp is now officialy developed using FreeBSD 4.6 and Slackware 8.1.

 ver 0.6.8 (09/03/2002) 

  -Added an option to replace tabs with spaces (fixes Opera bug).
  -Changed some option names, old options (-p,t=<ext>) will phase out.
  -Updated the documentation.

 ver 0.6.7 (25/02/2002) 

  - Added resource extension (.rc) to C++ filetypes.
  - Added another extension (.s) to Assembly filetypes.
  - Fixed line miscount after C-style comments (Uwe Koloska).
  - Made better supprt for label highlighting in Assembly.
  - Updated the Assembly keyword list.
  - Updated the documentation.

 ver 0.6.6 (15/02/2002) 

  - Added syntax highlighting support for Assembly language.
  - Added filetype detection for C# (.cs) files as C++ highlighting.
  - Win console version now packs with the new WinGUI 1.3.1. 

 ver 0.6.5 (03/01/2002) 

  - Added a new option, "--made-with" which adds a little footer.
  - Fixed file extension forcing (v0.6.4 needs prepending dot).
  - Made a few Style class switches protected and added access methods.

 ver 0.6.4 (01/01/2002) 

  - Fixed duplicate C++ keyword highlighting tags (bug since v0.4.4).
  - Fixed extension checking for files with very short file titles.
  - Decimal points are now included in number grouping.
  - The "HyperSystem" now also works on unsupported filetypes.
  - The usage is no longer loaded via file, but rather built-in.

 ver 0.6.3 (11/12/2001) 

  - Rewrote the string highlighting for speed, size, and accuracy.
  - Added grouping in number highlighting, reducing output filesize.
  - Allows highlighting for multi-line strings.
  - Fixed double quoted string problems inside single qutoes.
  - Slight changes to the CSS schemes, and changes to scs2css.pl.
  - Less forgiving with missing quotes for strings.

 ver 0.6.2 (07/12/2001) 

  - Fixed a memory leak in Style::keysCheck() (thanks Ryan Phillips).
  - Optimized the loading of languages.
  - Optimized filetype methods in style.cpp for performance.
  - More file extensions supported for Perl.
  - Added a progress display.
  - The scs2css.pl tool was modified.
  - Fixed the file not found bug on some Windows2000 machines.

 ver 0.6.1 (05/12/2001) 

  - A modified verion of the 0.6.0 engine that Webcpp for Win32 v1.0 uses.
  - The release outside of Webcpp for Win32 was cancelled.

 ver 0.6.0 (17/11/2001) 

  - Added a couple of file filters to the autodetection.
  - Fixed keyword highlighting inside strings (0.6-pre1-only bug).
  - Improved CSS file detection and handling.
  - Made a very large update to the user manual.
  - Windows version packaged with mkscs 2.3.

 ver 0.6.0 preview 1 (14/11/2001) 

  - Added an alternative highlighting engine that uses CSS (stylesheets).
  - Added a new Perl tool that converts SCS schemes to CSS (scs2css.pl).
  - Added comment highlighting italics with CSS.
  - Added Style::eraseTags(int,int) method to reduce code redundancy.
  - Broke some things that once worked.

 ver 0.5.3 (09/11/2001) 

  - All messages are now printed via STDERR.
  - Fixes a number of tiny bugs with I/O redirection.
  - Now saves schemes which are made on the fly with the --set-colours option.
  - Windows version now packaged with wingui v1.1.

 ver 0.5.2 (29/10/2001) 

  - Added a TagMe label processor to allow HTML tags.
  - Added option -w=<scheme> (the works) equivalent to -l -h -c=<scheme>.
  - Fixed $# array operator not to highlight as a comment in Perl.
  - Displays the version number with the usage.
  - Self-Cleaning LinkME and NameME labels.

 ver 0.5.1 (26/10/2001) 

  - Rewrote the entire PHP support engine.
  - Small update to the Perl keyword list.
  - New online CGI version of webcpp (used for testing schemes only).
  - Windows version is packaged with wingui v1.0b.

 ver 0.5.0 (08/10/2001) 

  - Added --hyperlink option to hyperlink the #include files.
  - Added -p=<filename> option to use a picture for the background.
  - Added link colours to use colour schemes on the hyperlinks.
  - Added a new colour scheme, "vampire".
  - Allows to name and link lines of code using labels.
  - Disabled number highlighting in preprocessor statements.
  - Fixed infinite loop with an escaped backslash inside a string.
  - Fixed infinite loop with a string with no end quote on the same line.
  - Fixed infinite loop with triple quote in python.
  - Fixed highlighting bug with #if and #else preprocessor statements.
  - Fixed markup keywords to only highlight inside tags.
  - Tested on over 50,000 lines of GPL source code.
  - Updated the user's manual with a new "hyperlinking" section.

 ver 0.4.4 (04/10/2001) 

  - Added syntax highlighting support for Python.
  - Added the option -b to backup existing html files.
  - Added tag highlighting for markup languages.
  - Added ".c++" as file extension for C++.
  - Fixed infinite loop with escaped string inside of single quotes.
  - Fixed infinite loop with lonely dollar sign in shell (thx. William Shotts).
  - Fixed a comment bug that kills preformatted text in Netscape Navigator 4x.
  - Fixed markup tags to show up in perl/shell/python scripts.
  - Now searches for colour schemes in the default path first.
  - The Base Language class is now abstract.
  - The C++ keyword list now derives from C keyword list.
  - The webcpp binary is 50K smaller than v0.4.3.
  - Updated the user's manual.

 ver 0.4.3 (30/09/2001) 

  - Added syntax highlighting support for markup languages.
  - Added wingui to the webcpp Windows installer.
  - Changed the default colour scheme (typical.scs).

 ver 0.4.0 (23/09/2001) 

  - Fixed syntax highlighting filetype forcing with Perl using the -t switch.
  - Fixed syntax highlighting filetype forcing with shell using the -t switch.
  - Unified redundant output calls in openhtml(), closehtml() and mkMargin().

 ver 0.4.0 preview 2 (19/09/2001) 

  - Fixed file checking issues when I/O is redirected with --pipe.
  - Reduced the size of the Help class.
  - Help file is now found (UNIX).

 ver 0.4.0 preview 1 (13/09/2001) 

  - Added the ability to redirect the input (request #460545).
  - Added the ability to redirect the output (request #460545).
  - Added the option -,--pipe in place of the in/output filename.
  - Added the option -t=<extension> to manually set the filetype.
  - Re-done the main file I/O with the Cfour CFfile class.
  - Re-implementation of the main fucntion.

 ver 0.3.0 (10/09/2001) 

  - Fixed string highlighting with keywords inside (bug from 0.2.x).
  - Fixed SCS default path searching (another bug from 0.2.x).
  - Fixed 'C' style comments to not highlight inside a string.
  - Fixed C++/Java style comments to not highlight inside a string.
  - Fixed shell/Perl style comments to not highlight inside a string.
  - Improved the accuracy of keyword checking.

 ver 0.2.2 (05/09/2001) 

  - Fixed infinite loop when > one \" in a string (Thanks Christopher Trudeau).
  - Fixed similar hang with Perl/shell when > one \$ on a line.
  - Fixed Perl/shell highlighting variable names with underscores.

 ver 0.2.1 (02/09/2001) 

  - Updated Perl keyword list.
  - Updated shell keyword list.
  - Updated webcpp curses interface script.
  - Added highlighting of shell variables.
  - Added highlighting of Perl scalars, arrays, and hashes.
  - Added a new, reusable file I/O engine.
  - Fixed the broken -d,--dupe option.
  - Fixed bad symlink in 0.2.x -> webcpp/ (UNIX).
  - Recognizes files with ".cgi" extensions as Perl scripts.
  - Re-implemented the colour scheme engine internally.

 ver 0.2.0 (29/08/2001) 

  - Added highlighting support for PERL scripts.
  - Added highlighting support for UNIX shell scripts.
  - Added a new option: "-l" or "--line-numbers".
  - Added support for 2 or more options at a time.
  - Improved number highlighting dealing with strings.
  - Improved file extension checking.
  - Many internal improvements and changes.
  - Webcpp is written in pure C++ Object Oriented Programming.
  - Language additions will now be much more easier.
  - Windows version includes the new mkscs 2.2.

 ver 0.1.1 (final) (19/08/2001) 

  - New user's manual v1 in text and html format.
  - Number highlighting bug has been fixed.
  - Keyword highlighting is now "smarter" (it knows...).
  - Comment and C-style comment highlighting improvements.
  - Fixed "colours inside colours" to be smarter.
  - Improved scs file and hex data verification.
  - Searches default path if a given scs file isn't found.
  - Dropped the double-spacing.
  - Updated webcpp ncurses UI script.
  - Updated custom UNIX installation scripts.
  - Improved UNIX installation with `make install`.
  - Windows installer creates new Start menu items.
  - MkSCS 2.1a is now packaged with the Windows installer.

 ver 0.1.1-pre3 (22/07/2001) 

  - Highlighting keywords for C,C++, and Java now works.
  - Highlighting numbers now works (sometimes quirky).
  - Highlighting C-style comments now works.
  - No highlighting inside the coloured comment.
  - Fixed Windows installer to install it to the right dir (sorry).
  - Fixed program segfault on #endif statements (for real this time).
  - Now easier to manually enter your own Hex codes for colour schemes (option).
  - Strictly enforce .scs files and Hex codes to prevent corrupt colour schemes.
  - More colour schemes.

 ver 0.1.1-pre2 (09/07/2001) 

  - Fixed wrong index bug in string highlighting.
  - Fixed string ending in occurrence of \" inside a string.
  - Fixed string highlighting so it can accept multiple strings in a single line.
  - Fixed program segfault on #endif statements (email me if it happens again).
  - Added a CLI installer which lets you choose the install directory.
  - Added an ncurses installer which lets you choose the install directory.
  - Made custom colour files extension .scs (syntax colour scheme).
  - WebCpp now generates non-highlighted HTML files out of normal text files.

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