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Web C Plus Plus - credits
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The following people have submitted support for the following languages:

George Lewis<ghlewis at hotmail dot com>Euphoria
Mark Williams<markdjwilliams at hotmail dot com>RenderMan
Matt Runion<mrunion at yahoo dot com>Active Server Pages
Dr. Detlef Groth<dgroth at gmx dot de>MicroEmacs
Forrest Johnston<forrest.johnston at attbi dot com>Javascript
Philippe Torche<philippe.torche at swissonline dot ch>Power Builder 6
Daniel Lin<dan at dlin.d2g dot com>DOS Batch files
Thomas Hedler<thomas.hedler at fen-net dot de>IEEE 1076 (VHDL)
Walter Maner<maner at cs.bgsu dot edu>Nasa's CLIPS

The following people have contributed helpful bug reports and/or technical suggestions for webcpp:

Fernando Munoz Ledesma <ledesmafernando at msn dot com> - translated Webcpp for Win32 to Spanish
Quentin J Sarafinchan - found SQL freeze when using C-Style comments
Glen Okita found a bug with escaped backslash before an escaped quote inside a string
Uwe Koloska <kolosk at users.sourceforge dot net> - useful suggestions (line anchors), bug reports (lonely quote in string), and two patches
William Shotts <bshotts at clark dot net> - discovered and reported an infinite loop in the shell highlighting
Mark Tigges <mtigges at home dot com> - suggested Python support, hyperlinks, and ".c++" as a file extension
Brian Schwarz <brian at bluecollartech dot com> - tested and reported a file bug on Windows2000
Ryan Phillips <ryan.phillips at csus dot edu> - liked my "golden" scheme so much, he ported it to gvim
Christopher Trudeau - discovered and reported an infinite loop with multiple escaped quotes inside quotes
George Orwell - suggested the idea that webcpp should use stylesheets (CSS)

Thank you to the following who have made donations to webcpp:

Pierre Mengal
Shawn Van Ness

Thanks also to everyone out there that takes interest in webcpp. You guys are my motivation.

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